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Makes it possible for complete beginners to learn how to dance in a matter of minutes. 

Dance Lesson Videos include:

Line Dancing: 15+ hrs of dance lessons

* The hottest line dances added regularly...

Country Dancing: 30+ hrs of dance lessons

* Two-Step, Double 2, Polka & more...

Swing Dancing: 15+ hrs of dance lessons

* Swing, West Coast Swing, Jitterbug, Hustle & more...

Weddings, Ballroom & Latin dance lessons

* Slow Dancing, Nightclub 2-Step, Salsa, Cha-Cha & more...

The best learn to dance videos online and on DVD!

Line Dance Lessons

The ultimate collection of must-know line dances w/full breakdowns and step-by-step instructions that make learning each line dance a snap! Main focus is on building confidence and muscle memory for the next time you go line dancing, to a club, event, a cruise or an upcoming wedding. Includes Electric Slide, the Wobble, Cupid Shuffle, Tush Push, Cotton Eyed Joe and more…

Beginner Dance Lessons

Consider this your toolbox as it’s filled w/a ton of dances organized into our easy learning system for beginners with quick access and tutorials. Each dance lesson can be learned and danced the same night. Includes Two-Step, Swing, Cha-Cha, Salsa, Hustle, West Coast Swing, Waltz, Nightclub, Double 2-Step and more…

Wedding Dance Lessons / Slow Dancing

Slow dance videos that can be used for almost any occasion, but are especially helpful for weddings and date nights! Here you’ll discover just how much goes into making a slow dance look ‘smooth’ and how quickly it can be attained. Here, you’ll get rid of your old “stand and sway” and replace it with a beautiful and elegant slow dance that others won’t soon forget…

Years Of Teaching/Coaching Dance

Full-Length Dance Lesson Courses

Step-by-Step Dance Lesson Videos

Learned to dance via our videos

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Mastery Systems (Dance Lesson Videos)

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    • All online dance lesson mastery systems can now be purchased w/a single payment or billed monthly
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ballroom social dance mastery system

start dancing salsa, cha-cha, fox-trot, hustle, swing dancing, tango, slow dancing, rumba, waltz, and nightclub 2 with fun, easy lessons at your own pace!

see ballroom mastery

beginner social dance mastery system

the complete collection for beginners! everything you need to dance ballroom, latin, country, swing, and even a little bit of line dancing!

see beginner dance mastery

country social dance mastery system

everything you need to enjoy country social dancing: line dancing, partner line dancing, two-step, double (triple) two-step, swing dancing, cha-cha, nightclub 2, waltz, & west coast swing.

see country mastery

double two-step mastery system

double two-step, aka triple two-step, fort worth shuffle, and a couple of other names, is a staple of country dancing. it has been referred to as a traveling east coast swing, due to its triple, triple, walk, walk rhythm. regardless of the name, this dance is a must-have for every country dance enthusiast!

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latin social dance mastery system

step-by-step videos that break down the hottest latin dances using quick, easy drills & the latest styles for the clubs. In minutes you'll know how to dance the cha-cha & salsa with videos that are clear, easy, & fun.

see latin mastery

line dancing mastery system

are you left on the sidelines for the electric slide? do you want to dance the line dances that everyone else does, like the wobble, cotton eyed-joe, the cupid shuffle, watermelon crawl, ski bumpis, and many others? jump in and start dancing!

see line dance mastery

swing dancing mastery system

big band swing, also known as east coast swing, single time swing, triple time swing, jitterbug, and jive makes this a lively dance that is fit for just about any occasion!

see swing mastery

two-step mastery system

are you ready to master the king of country dances? get ready to dance two-step with the most comprehensive 2-step lessons out there!

see two-step mastery

wedding party dance mastery system

learning to dance for a wedding is one of the best decisions you could make. included here are tons of tips and tricks to make for a wonderfully memorable first dance and great reception at your wedding.

see wedding mastery

west coast swing mastery system

west coast swing is quickly becoming one of the world’s most popular social dances and it’s time for you to get in on the fun. now, you, too, can unlock your potential and leapfrog past all those struggling with their so-called ‘beginner lessons’.

see west coast swing